How to Choose a Workout Plan

How to Choose a Workout Plan

Workout plans help you stay on track with reaching your health and fitness goals and are essential to staying motivated and committed. 

Workout plans are also expertly structured to make sure you’re exercising safely while targeting all of your muscles with a combination of stretching, strengthening, and cardio workouts for full-body results. 

Long story short, we all need a workout plan if we really want to see our goals come to life. But, how do we know if we’re choosing the right one? 

To help with your decision-making, here, we’re going through some simple questions to ask yourself before choosing a workout plan to help you pick one that’s right for you. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

What do you need from a workout plan?

The first thing to figure out when choosing a workout plan is understanding your needs. For example, are you looking to lose weight, build muscle, get more flexible, run a marathon, or relieve stress. 

Understanding what you need from a workout plan can then help you make an informed decision about what kind of workout plan is best for you.

How to Choose a Workout Plan

What kinds of workouts do you enjoy?

Another important consideration to make before choosing a workout plan is knowing what types of exercise you enjoy doing. After all, if you’re not having fun, chances are, you won’t stick with it for long. 

Do you like group workouts or exercising solo? Do you prefer getting sweaty or more low-impact workouts? Maybe you prefer the meditative experience of repetitive movements like jogging or doing circuits. Or perhaps you like workouts that surprise you with something different every time, like kickboxing or dance cardio.

Try out a few different exercise styles first to see which ones you gravitate towards. Then, seek workout plans that incorporate those types of workouts.

How often are you able to exercise?

When choosing a workout plan, it’s also important to be realistic about how often you’ll be able to exercise based on your schedule and lifestyle. 

How many days per week can you exercise and for how long per session? The answers to these questions will determine what goes into your workout plan. 

If you can only exercise three times a week, you’ll need a workout plan that has more high-intensity sessions. Whereas if you have time to work out every day, a workout plan might have more of a variety including intense workouts, gentle workouts, stretching, and meditation.

All in all, the regularity and duration of your workouts will certainly matter when it comes to choosing a workout plan that works for you.

What equipment do you have available for your workouts?

Some workout plans require equipment that you can find in your average gym. Others require resistance bands or dumbbells. Still, others don’t require any equipment at all.

So, depending on what type of equipment you have access to, your workout plan will have to change. In other words, you shouldn’t do a workout plan that requires a gym if you prefer to work out from home or in your backyard.

How to Choose a Workout Plan

Is there a workout style you haven’t tried yet?

Another thought to consider before you choose a workout plan is whether or not there’s a workout style that you haven’t tried yet. You might be completely overlooking a certain workout plan just because you haven’t tried it yet. 

For example, on the OOMPH app, we focus on kickboxing and boxing workouts but, if you’ve never tried kickboxing, you might not realize just how versatile and enjoyable it is. 

And not only that, but you also wouldn’t realize that our workout plans include meditations to help you tap into the champion mindset, stretching sessions to keep your mobility intact, HIIT plans for more intense cardio as well as trainer-led kickboxing that even beginners can do.

Plus, the OOMPH app allows you to work out anywhere, anytime with streaming sessions, portrait and landscape view, and downloadable sessions for when you don’t have access to wifi.

In other words, don’t knock it ‘til you try it! Download the OOMPH app today for a fully customizable workout plan that could be exactly the thing you’ve been looking for. Sign up for a free trial today!

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